Saturday, April 5, 2008

Track Star in the Making?

This weekend was the 31st Annual Cooper River Bridge Run. This is an annual feat for David but this year, we had a new family member participate. Friday, Holden ran in the Kid's Run held downtown at Hampton Park. We went early and visited some of the vendors that were there. The kids came home with a backpack (compliments of Skechers) full of goodies and coupons for free stuff (like Chick-Fil-A ice cream). Kohl's even gave them a Dr. Seuss stuffed bear.

After we made our rounds at the vendor booths, we found an empty picnic table and had lunch. We had no sooner sat down to eat when Harrison announced he had to go to the bathroom. Since it happened to be halfway across the park, I let him go in the trees. Thankfully no one passed by while he was taking care of business. I did later notice that there was some poison ivy on the ground near the tree but so far no rash has cropped up so I think we are safe.

Afterwards, as David and I were packing up our stuff, Holden came running toward us all excited about some ducks down by the pond. After he calmed down enough we figured out he was telling us the ducks were "having some romance". I am not sure exactly what he was referring too but some questions are better left unasked. By the time we got near the pond, Harrison had discovered the ducks and ran at them screaming so that they were no longer in their romantic huddle. Now they know how I feel. Just no privacy with that boy around.

Holden did some stretches before the run and warmed up a bit. When they made the call for runners he started getting a little jittery but in the end he pulled it off and finished in the top 25 runners. I am not sure how many were in the race he ran but the total number of kids registered for all the races topped 1000.

Here's Holden before the race

This is Holden running by me (notice that the camera didn't focus on him, he must have been running by to fast) and I had to fight the other parents to get out and take this picture.

Holden at the finish line with his medal after the race

Holden and some other kids were interviewed by Channel 2 after the race

Could this be the start of a future track and field star? I'll keep you posted.


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