Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Little birdie

I was sitting at my desk yesterday when out of the corner of my eye I noticed some movement on the screened in porch. Most of the time I ignore it because it is usually the dog sitting on the bench outside my window begging to come indoors. But, the constant movement caught my attention and when I looked outside I saw that two birds had flown onto our porch.

We leave the door slightly cracked so that the dog can come and go as he pleases and apparently the birds thought it might be a nice place to explore. There was only one problem with that - they couldn't figure out how to get back off the porch.

I called Harrison to come and see the birds. We went out and opened the screen door hoping the birds would be able see that they could go out that way. After a bit, they were still flying from fan to fan to the screen but still were no closer to finding their way out. Harrison thought it would be a good idea to run at the birds waving his gun and screaming so that they would be scared into flying away. This only upset the birds and they flew harder into the screens. Fearing that the birds would either die from a broken neck or fright, I made Harrison stop waving the gun and making so much noise.

At this point, Harrison thought he might need to call in some reinforcement so he went upstairs and got his "telephone" and made some calls. Unfortunately his reception was not very good and he didn't reach anyone.

We went inside hoping that the birds would calm down enough to figure out how to escape. A few minutes later, Holden came home and Harrison told him about the birds. Holden went outside to see them and when he came back in I noticed he had put the birdhouse he made on the table. He said if the birds couldn't figure out how to get off the porch, he wanted them to have a place to sleep.

Apparently one of the birds was a bit brighter than the other because she (it had to be a girl, right?) found her way out long before the other one (which had to be a male, right?) did.

I had to leave to go and pick Haley up from school and hoped that our cat would not return while we were gone. It would not have been a pretty sight to return. When we came home, I am happy to report, the bird made it out alive and the cat was no where to be found.


{Ãñgê£}ä said...

What an ordeal! lol It's really not funny, but I just can't seem to not laugh when watching birds fly into screens or windows.
(We had some trapped basically the same way on our screen porch as a child.)
Glad they eventually made it out safely!

Heather Leigh said...

I had a bird fly into my Tahoe once when I was dropping the kids off at the babysitter's. I opened the driver's door and he flew to the passenger seat. I opened the passenger door and he flew to the back seat. I opened the back seat door and he flew to the other back seat. I opened the OTHER back seat door and he flew back to the driver's seat. FINALLY I got a broom and assisted him out of the vehicle. I was just PRAYING he wouldn't poop in the car, and he didn't, but it was quite humorous.