Friday, April 11, 2008

Say what?

David and I were discussing an acquaintance and I made the comment that she always seemed kind of "ditsy". Holden, who had overheard the conversation, chimed in "Well, it's probably because she has three bunctious boys and the dad is always gone." David said, "You mean obnoxious?" Holden said "No, bunctious". Laughing, I replied "Do you mean rambunctious?" Holden relied, "Yeah, that's it."

And then there's this.

On the way home from school, Harrison was telling me that some people in his class didn't listen (not him, yeah right). He said that Ms. Pat calls this lack of attention, daydreaming and that one little guy in particular is constantly doing that. But Harrison disagrees with Ms. Pat's assessment. He said he believes that this little boy might need to get a "hearing affection". I said, "What do you mean?" and he said "That means he needs to go to the doctor to get his ears checked because they don't hear right." Hmmm, maybe that hearing affection runs in our family.


{Ãñgê£}ä said...

Adorably aren't they? lol Defnitely reminded me of many, many conversations with my girls.

MY favorite was the time my oldest, who was just barely 3 at the time, told Santa she wanted a "pay-er." For hours we discussed this trying to decide if she wanted a "pair of pants, shoes, etc," a "pear to eat," or even a set of twin baby dolls.
Eventually it was discovered that she wanted a "Pay-er" = Cash Register! lol
Which of course Santa brought...

Thanks for the laugh! :)