Monday, April 7, 2008

Is there logic in this?

The other day we were leaving to take Harrison to his soccer practice when I noticed some paper balled up and thrown in the middle of the sago palm by our front door. Being in a hurry, I sort of brushed it off and reminded myself to pick it up when we got home. Finding trash strewn throughout our yard is not an unusual site. It seems that my children, the youngest in particular, think that our yard is a trash can. Finished with that granola bar, just throw the wrapper in the yard. Empty capri sun, not to worry here's the trash right next to my feet. You get the drift, right?

So anyway, back to the story. We get halfway to Harrison's soccer practice and it starts pouring down rain so we turn around and head back home. When we got home, I just happened to remember the paper in the palm tree and quickly grabbed it before heading indoors. Thankfully, I took a closer look at the paper, because it turned out to be Harrison's homework. Homework that had already been completed and needed to be turned in the next day. Homework that now was not only crumpled but soaking wet.

I asked Harrison how his homework got outside and his answer was "I don't know". This is Harrison's number one answer to most every question asked. "Harrison, how did your underwear end up behind the couch?" "I don't know." "Harrison how did this cookie end up under your bed?" "I don't know." "Harrison where is your brother's _________ (you fill in the blank here)?" "I don't know." So you see this pattern just keeps repeating itself.

Trying to figure out his logic here is sort of like trying to solve the mystery of the universe. You could spend decades analyzing all the facts and still come up empty. So I smoothed the paper out as best as I could and laid it out to dry.

The next morning before school, I wrote a note to Harrison's teacher that went something like this:

"For some reason, Harrison thought it was a good idea to ball his homework up and throw it outdoors. I found it in the rain, crumpled in the bush by our front door which is why it looks like this."
Her reply:

"Thanks for the note. Harrison and I had a little talk about it."
On the top of his paper, I noticed she had written a little note.

When I asked Harrison what his teacher said about his paper, he looked at me and said "I don't know what you are talking about." That would be his second favorite answer. Maybe I should try the denial tactic when he asks for something.


Kim Eckhardt said...

LOL, Becky. That's freaking awesome. And, I love that you uploaded a picture of the crumpled paper. LOLOLOLOLOL.

If it makes you feel any better, our backyard is also a trash can. I can sympathize.

{Ãñgê£}ä said...

Now that is great blogging - not only a picture of the crumpled homework paper, but a close up of the teacher's note!
That will make a great scrapbook page. :)

And for your question - there must be some kind of logic, because my 7 year old daughter also posses it...