Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Help, I need an exterminator

We have a problem here at our house. There is apparently some kind of critter living here that likes to create messes. It likes to turn my lipstick until it's completely extended and jam the top back on. It likes to unroll the toilet paper and leave mounds on the floor. It likes to squeeze half of the tube of toothpaste out into the sink. It likes to smear lotion all over the counter top. And after all of that it must get hungry because it likes to leave boxes of cereal open in the pantry.

After resting, it gets it's second wind and colors with Sharpie markers on pictures laying on my desk. It pulls all of Harrison's shirts out into a pile on the floor. Then heads for Holden's room where it takes his science experiment kit and hides it in Harrison's room. It likes to chew up gum and spit it into the trash can. And candy must be one of it's favorite foods because I find those wrappers all over the house.

I would call an exterminator but since the critter has been unidentified I am not sure it would help. I wonder if anyone else has a similar critter invading their home?


{Ãñgê£}ä said...

Oh yes, you are NOT alone. I think I have a couple of those critters hiding in my house because only one couldn't possibly do all that is done in such a short time span!
If you identify the creature, let me know what it is so I too can call and exterminator.
In the meantime, I have found that this creature seems to create a lot less of a disaster if I walk around all day with my wooden spatula stuck in my back pocket! Maybe it is spying on me?

Queen of her Castle said...

LOL! If it works for you, I think I might try it.