Monday, April 14, 2008

My Little Soccer Player

Harrison started playing soccer this year. It's his first season so he isn't quite sure of himself yet. He does a pretty good job of getting in there and trying to kick the ball. Sometimes he loses interest and I can hear him asking the coach for a little rest. Saturday was the team's fourth game. It was a beautiful day with a light breeze and no gnats. YEAH! The team played well but they lost by one goal. Fortunately at this age it's all about having fun and building team player skills. Each child gets a trophy at the end of the season so they all feel like winners. Here are a few snapshots of my little soccer player.
Warming up before the game

Harrison likes to play Goalie because he gets to "rest"

He's getting the hang of it. He got the ball from Number 1.

Taking a break is almost as fun as playing.

The end of the game


Kim Eckhardt said...

Those are great pics, Becky. What lens did you have on your camera or was it just a point and shoot?

Queen of her Castle said...

It was the 70-300mmm lens on my Canon Rebel XTi. It was the first time I used that lens. Usually I carry around the 28-135mm.

Kim Eckhardt said...

You and me are definitely twins. I have the XT and always have the 28-135 mm on my camera. :) I looked at that 70-300 though. Are you happy with it? It's a HEAVY lens but it gets up close. ;)

Queen of her Castle said...

I wouldn't carry it around but it is very good for sports. I don't know that it's worth the investment if you wouldn't use it alot though.