Monday, April 28, 2008

So here are the pictures I promised

Friday afternoon, Holden was at a birthday party and Haley was off spending the night with a friend, so we took Harrison down to the park to try his hand at riding a two-wheeler. I have to say he did awfully good for his first shot at it.

After he tired of the bike riding, we walked over to the playground area and I took a few pictures there.

Saturday was soccer day. Here's our little star in action.

Sunday, we went to the Blessing of the Fleet. I got some good pictures of the kids, but my battery died before I got any of the shrimp boats. Yeah, I know always charge your battery the night before. But, the pictures of the kids were cute and I can always scan the picture of the shrimp boats from the newspaper and pretend it was mine.

So there you have it. The weekend in review. Do you understand why I am so tired by Monday?