Monday, July 16, 2007

A mother should be proud

It's funny how each of my children are so incredibly different even though they all came from the same womb. I remember how after the birth of Holden, my husband held him in his arms and said he's just like his sister.

Well, it only took a week to blow that idea out of the water. He was nothing like his sister who arrived into this world six weeks early and barely uttered a peep for the first few weeks of her life. Holden could pierce the ears of anyone within a mile when his crying started. And cry he did. Constantly. For four months. After that, things calmed some but he was still much different than his sister. While she had never pitched a fit in her 3 years of life, he made up for her in a short period of time. While she was self confident and never met a stranger, he was reserved and shy.

It took me awhile but I learned to understand and respect their differences. And then just when I thought I might have it all figured out, it happened. Child number three came along.

Harrison arrived on the scene and for the first year proved to be a calm, loving little guy. Full of smiles for everyone. Personality wise he was somewhere in between the other two.

Then he learned to walk. And walk he did- everywhere. And if he could open it, it got opened. If he could unlock it, it got unlocked. And if he could climb it, it got climbed. He was and is a determined little guy. Always into something and looking to get into something else. A smart cookie who will figure out how to make it happen-his way. One who wants to be the star of the show.

This desire to be the star of the show was apparent last night when we went to Ben and Jerry's for Holden's baseball party. For weeks now Harrison had been practicing a new trick. He wanted to perfect it so he worked on it as often as he could (even when he was told not to). He finally perfected his trick and was eager to show it off. So in the middle of the party, he whips out his arm, sticks it down his shirt and proceeds to make farting noises with his armpit. Yes, a mother should be proud.

As a mom, I am constantly learning lessons. Harrison has taught me to expect the unexpected. He has taught me that a little determination pays off. But the best lesson he has taught me is to always laugh.