Friday, June 29, 2007

Hot Week

This week has been a real scorcher. I guess that is typical for this time of year but it has been so hot here the only thing to do is stay indoors or go to the pool. I think my car thermostat read 100 degrees at least twice this week. Now that wouldn't be so bad but the humidity has made it miserable.

The boys and I went to our community pool on Thursday while Haley was away on her Girl Scout trip. They had a big time playing in the pool and they even met a couple of new friends. Harrison is still scared of "drowding" (as he calls it) so he refuses to get in the pool without his life vest. I tried to convince him to use the kick board and let me help him swim but he was firm about leaving his vest on. Holden loves to swim and is getting bolder each day. He still won't swim without his trusty goggles but he is like a fish with them on.
As promised, I am posting some of my page layouts from my girls scrapping weekend. These are a couple of simple layouts that I finished. The first layout is of a trip that my mother and I took with the kids to Fort Sumter during Spring Break back in 2005 (yes I am that far behind but at least I am getting them done). The second layout is of the kids going to the strawberry patch (again in 2005). This is the layout for Harrison's album and shows pictures of him not only picking the strawberries but also indulging himself.

Maybe by the end of this year I will be caught up. Probably not but at least it's wishful thinking.