Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another day another story

Is it really only the second full day of summer for the kids? Don't get me wrong my kids are awesome and they do play well together but it seems to come in spurts. For instance, they were all playing Polly Pockets together in the playroom this morning but something went wrong because in a matter of an hour we had an injury, an argument, and a crying child locked out of someone's room. Most of the time that crying child is Harrison (as it was this time) because the older two just don't get that at 4 years old you don't always understand exactly what you are suppose to do. And when that happens, 4 year olds get frustrated and act out by hitting (which makes the other one cry) or pitching a fit or trying to make their own rules. Ultimately I end up having to mediate to soothe raw nerves (okay the raw nerves are mine but you get the point).

So anyhow, I am just wondering how I will manage to survive the next two months without having a nervous breakdown. Today when I am trying to have a serious talk about appropriate behavior and getting along with each other, Holden is sitting in the chair smirking and then outright laughing which doesn't make me happy. So then I start telling him he is going to listen even if I have to hang him by his toes. Which of course makes him laugh harder. In the meantime Harrison is politely raising his hand which I take to mean he has a question about what I was saying. So I let him ask and he says "Are you done yet?" So I just give up.

It isn't that they are bad kids because they really aren't. It's just like a giant snowball once it starts rolling downhill it isn't going to stop. That's how the boys get. They start out playing nicely then they get rowdy then it ends up someone gets hurt or they tear the house (or garage) up or something gets broken. Harrison is the destroyer in our house. In the past week alone he has smeared caulk all over the siding on the house and scratched up David's grandmother's table with a key.

I have so much to be thankful for. I need to remind myself that when I am about to strangle them. But it might help if you say an extra prayer for me everyday. I think I might need it.