Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Holden's Awards Ceremony

I am surprised that I am able to type this at all after spending a good part of the evening filling and tying about 300 water balloons. You don't realize how sore tying a balloon can make your fingers! As always I couldn't say no when asked to be on the 5th Grade Water Day Committee. I just didn't realize when I said yes, it would mean filling water balloons. Tomorrow is Haley's big day. She graduates in the morning and then has Water Day with games and pizza afterwards.

Holden had his awards ceremony today. The class did a very cute program with a poem and a story about how the big bad wolf really came to be the big bad wolf. Then the children shared their writing with the parents. Holden received the scientist award. He is very interested in how things work. I think maybe he is destined to be an engineer. Here he is with Miss Spencer his very cool first grade teacher. She rides a motorcycle and drives a jeep, two of Holden's top ten reasons to like a girl. We also served ice cream sundaes to the parents and kids. I am thoroughly amazed at how many toppings kids like on their ice cream! It's a good thing their parents took them home afterwards. I don't think the teacher could have controlled them with all that sugar coursing through their bodies.
Well, it's off to bed for me to rest up for all of tomorrow's activities.