Saturday, June 2, 2007

Field Day and more

Gosh I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted. I guess sometimes life gets in the way. It's been a busy week with school winding down. Harrison is home with me now for the summer. It's nice having my little one around but not much gets done. He is a one boy tornado leaving a path of destruction wherever he goes.

Thursday was Holden's field day. Despite the heat, those kids were full of energy. They ended up being the tug-of-war champions for the 1st grade! Holden enjoyed the whipped cream game where they each got a dot of whipped cream on their noses and had to squirt it off their partner with a ketchup bottle.

Friday we were back at school for Haley's field day. Haley lucked out this year and got an awesome teacher, Mr. Peck. It really showed how well the kids connect with him during field day. He was out there goofing off just like they were. That's Mr. Peck throwing water at Haley in the picture to the left. They all (including the teacher) ended up soaking wet, more from pouring (or throwing) water at each other than from games. But they really had fun.
Last night I had stamp club. We created loads of cards. I hope to get a few pictures up tomorrow. Today we got some much needed rain. The county has actually instituted a water rationing policy. We were over 3 inches below our normal rainfall for the month of May. It looks like we might get some more rain tomorrow.
Tonight, Haley has her second real babysitting job for our neighbors. It's scary when I think about how fast she has grown up. Seems like only yesterday I was calling babysitters for her. Now she is the one doing the sitting.