Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why Is It and More

Harrison and I made chocolate chip cookies today. I told him to wash his hands before we made the cookies and he looked at his hands, front and back, and then proclaimed them clean. Here's a picture of him being the cookie helper (as he called himself). Okay so now you know the truth. I don't actually make cookies. It's more like I scoop and drop the cookies. But honestly they taste just as good and they are so much less trouble.

Today when I picked Harrison up from school, he saw one of his friends leaving and pointed out that he didn't speak very clearly. I said well he might have a speech problem. And Harrison said "Yeah, it's because he eats all those vegetables." Guess that's his excuse now for turning away the squash I put on his plate.

I washed loads and loads of clothes yesterday and today and got to wondering why is it that it takes me two days to wash, fold and put away the clothes and by the time I finish the hampers are all already full? Then I started thinking about some of the other why is it questions and thought I'd share some of my perplexing questions.

Why Is It That.........
  • no matter how much I spend on groceries there is never anything to eat in the house (according to the children)

  • if I am in a rush one of my children has to poop

  • the dog has a bowl full of water but prefers to drink out of the toilet

  • the milk is always almost gone

  • homemade salads never taste as good as the ones you buy at a restaurant

  • dust reappears within hours of dusting

  • boys can't seem to hit the toilet

  • everyone's clothes never seem to end up in the hamper but next to it

  • dog hair sticks to carpet (and everything else) like velcro

  • I never have postage stamps when I need to mail something

  • Gaining weight is so easy but losing it is pure torture and on that note....

  • French fries taste so much better than carrots

  • someone will eat all but the last five pieces of cereal and put the box back on the shelf

  • the one touch transfer on my camera never seems to work when I need it to (like now)
I am sure there are a million why is it questions that go through my head each day. I should start making a list so that one day I might find the answers to these questions. Or maybe there really are no answers.

I am working on some cards but didn't get them finished so I thought I would share one of my older projects. I actually made three of these and I punched every single one of those squares. It took a long time but I think the end result was well worth it. Haley was a cat girl, Holden was Incredible Hulk and Harrison was a construction worker.