Thursday, May 10, 2007

This is the last post for a few days since we are heading out of town for Mother's Day. I didn't get any creative work done today although I did manage to get my craft space cleaned up and organized after my last few projects. Harrison was out of school today so we just hung out around the house and enjoyed not having anything specific to do. I got this cute picture of him clowning around wearing all of Holden's hats. He looks a bit like Elmer Fudd.

This afternoon after school was out, I had to run to the post office. On the way over, Harrison and Holden were picking at each other. I finally tried to run interference and told Harrison not to worry about anyone but Harrison and he said "That's fine because I changed my name to David." I tried hard not to laugh but it was funny.

We have been redoing (or rather just doing) Holden's room in the beach/surfer theme per his request. We painted and put up chair rail and got some cute black and white beach photos of him framed. The topper though is this awesome surfboard shelving unit that my talented husband built. We saw it in Pottery Barn and it was well over $100 but he built it and customized it to Holden's room. Notice the Lowe's race car box on the top right shelf. This contains one of Holden's most prized possession. An autographed car from Jimmie Johnson. David brought it home to him last week and he spent the entire day carrying it around. I was afraid he was going to rub off the autograph.