Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

So here's how crazy my day was. I came to the computer to type my blog, saw that I had emails, read them and then couldn't remember why I was at the computer. LOL!

We started the day with a dentist appointment for all three children. It wouldn't be a normal week for us without a doctor's appointment or two thrown in. Good news is Haley might not need braces after all. (My pocketbook is breathing a sigh of relief). Bad news is that Harrison aka The Candy Monster has two more soft spots on his back teeth. That means more white stars. UGH! Thankfully, Dr. Meg released me of total responsibility for his poor oral hygiene by telling me that some kids just had soft enamel. She also mentioned that we might want to break him of his finger sucking habit before it becomes a real problem. Yeah right and I might want to also run for president but that isn't likely to be happening either, is it?
This afternoon Harrison and Sullivan had some fun playing in the tunnels to our Playhut. I wish you could have heard the giggles from Harrison. He thought it was so funny that Sullivan was trying to tackle him.

I worked on some teacher gifts today. Teacher appreciation week is next week and then we have year end gifts so I figured I might ought to start thinking about it. I think they ended up being quite cute. The left one is the front side of the candle and the words say Delight in Life. The right one is the rear side of the candle. All products are Stampin Up.
Thought for today: "Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads." - Herman Melville