Thursday, May 3, 2007

Today was a beautiful day here. It was a bit warm but the wind made it bearable. I took the kids to the library this afternoon after school. They all seemed to inherit my love for books, especially Haley. Before I even got the car started, she was reading the book she had checked out. Chances are she'll be finished it by tomorrow night.

It was report card day today. Haley made all A's and one B (in math). Holden did well too (no letter grades yet) and continues to improve in his reading. We are very proud of both of them.

I managed to get a layout done tonight even though there has been a special two hour Gray's Anatomy. I am TIVO'ing it just in case I missed anything. These pictures are from a trip to Fort Moultrie to fly kites back in 2005 (I'm a little behind wouldn't you say). The journaling says" My big boy and my little boy. They are so different yet somehow they manage to put all of it aside and are the best of friends. Sometimes they fight, but they don't stay angry for long. Seeing their relationship grow is one of my greatest joys and one of their greatest blessings-even if they don't know it yet."