Thursday, November 8, 2007

My first classes

I taught my first class at the scrapbook store on Tuesday night. When we first moved to Charleston, I went and visited the store and talked to the owner about teaching some classes. My motivation was to meet some new people but in addition, I like the discount that comes along with teaching.

So, anyhow I came up with several ideas for classes and we settled on doing a fall layout class and a squash album class. The class I just taught was on the Fall layouts. I had a total of 7 people sign up for the class but only 3 could make it the night it was scheduled. Thankfully I still get paid for the people who purchase the kits even if they didn't make the class.

I taught them how to sew on paper. It's funny how doing something new totally intimidates some people. I had one lady who laughed at herself because she was afraid to sew on a $1 piece of paper yet she would go and buy expensive fabric and sew on it and mess that all up and not think a thing about it.

While the layouts I came up with are not my usual style, I think they turned out pretty cute. I had to use a limited amount of supplies to keep the cost of the class down and each layout had to have some sort of sewing on it. Here are the three layouts I taught:


Pauline said...

Very cute layouts!