Monday, November 12, 2007

And God said, "It was good"

I took Harrison to the doctor today and while we were waiting, he picked up one of those Bible Story books. The first story was the one about the Creation of the World. It went into a great amount of detail and since I didn't have time to read it all and didn't feel that he would get a whole lot out of the long version, I shortened the story a bit, enough to get the point of the whole story across. I figured that he pretty much got it until this evening when he recounted to Haley the story of how God created the Earth. Here's Harrison's version:

"On the first day God created that ship, the Mayflower. And on the second day he created the land. Next came all of the animals (only he says it aminals)."

Of course at this point I am curious as to when he thought people might have been created, so I asked. Harrison said matter of factly "God created people on the same day Jesus was born."

I suspect we have some more Bible reading to do. Perhaps next time I shouldn't skip over so many parts.