Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christmas, already?

Yesterday Harrison and I were riding down the road. I was lost in my own thoughts and enjoying the tunes playing on my Ipod when I heard a shriek coming from the rear of the car. My first thought was that Harrison (who was the only other one in the car) had mashed his finger in the window, or got his tongue stuck in the juice bottle. I hit the brakes and turned around (only slightly because I was after all driving down the road at 45 miles per hour) to ask him what was wrong. Well, turns out nothing was wrong, he had just spotted the newly hung Christmas decorations that were adorning every light post on the road. This apparently had sent him into a frenzy of what excitement? I don't know. After I explained that he couldn't scare mommy like that, he rolled his eyes and said "But mom, they really messed up because it isn't even Thanksgiving yet." My thoughts exactly little guy.


Pauline said...

OH christmas decorations before thanksgiving are too much for me two!