Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas Wishes

This year for Christmas, we decided that our children needed to get less than they have in years past. It seems that each year the gift giving has gotten bigger and bigger to the point of ridiculous. They would end up with so much stuff that they couldn't possibly appreciate what they got.

So David and I sat the children down and explained that this year we were going to allow them to ask Santa for 4 things. We gave them the option of combining a wish for one large thing. After a few whispering sessions (and some good old politicking on Haley's part) they each decided that it would be good to combine one wish each and ask for a Nintendo Wii (which of course cannot be found, but that's another story).

With that said, each child now had three wishes left. So in order to make sure those wishes got fulfilled, I told them that they should come up with a list to give to Santa. Holden, being the sweet, kind hearted child that he is, came down to breakfast the other morning and told me that he wanted to trade one of his wishes in and ask that Santa give a toy to a homeless child. It's moments like that when you know that you have done pretty good job at raising your child. It made me so proud that he would be so selfless. Knowing that he only had four wishes and he had already used one, he was willing to give one of his away to some child who needed a gift more than he did.

On the other hand, Harrison didn't quite comprehend the whole trading wishes thing. I asked him what he would like for Christmas and he mumbled something about socks. I thought that was kind of odd that he would be asking for socks, even though he really needs some so I asked if he wanted socks for Christmas. He replied, "No I want to trade my socks for some toys." I guess he'd rather have bare feet and some new toys.


Pauline said...

Oh becky what a great story!
and as a side note at 36 i love my WII!