Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I need some of that face cream

It's funny how when you are young, everyone over the age of ten seems old. When I was young, 40 seemed incredibly old to me. And if you were 60 then you definitely had one foot in the grave. And 80, well that was just too old to fathom. Oddly enough as I approach 40, I think don't think of it as old age anymore. And when I think of 60, I think of the benefit of senior discounts. And I know plenty of 80 year olds now who get around quite well and really don't seem terribly old to me.
Harrison and Haley were watching Hannah Montana and Billy Ray Cyrus came on the screen. Not the old "Achy Breaky" Billy Ray but the new and improved "Ready, Set Don't Go" version. Harrison looked over at Haley and said "You know he's like Mammy's age." Mammy is his great grandmother who happens to be in her early eighties. So if Billy Ray Cyrus is indeed that old and looks as good as he does, I might need to get me some of his face cream. I figure if I start using it now in a few years I might look like this.

We can all dream, right?