Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tough Day

Wow has it been a day. Harrison and I spent the morning going to a doctor's appointment and running some errands. On our way home, I asked Harrison if he would run upstairs and let Sullivan out of his kennel while I made him a sandwich. He replied "I am always doing you favors and I think I am getting too old for that." Hmmm, that's one I will have to save for the kids when they ask me to do something.

This afternoon Haley came home from school with pain behind her left eye and blurry vision. So after a call to the pediatrician, they told us to come in to be checked. On our way, the boys were watching Garfield and I noticed that Harrison was repeating the movie word for word. At this moment I had an eye opening revelation that either a) my child was uber intelligent or b) I let him watch way too much television. Although I would like to think of all my children as geniuses, it might be more of option b. Gonna have to add that to my list of things to improve on. I digress. I was telling about Haley's eye problem. After the doctor checked her and found nothing wrong, they sent her to an eye doctor (who by the way waited for us even though the office was closing). After the exam he still didn't find anything significantly wrong except for the possible formation of a sty on the inner lid. So we got some ointment and are going to see if it helps.

Aside from the whining, hitting and crawling under the exam tables and behind the television in the lobby (guess who?) during both doctor's appointments my boys were complete angels.

So tonight I am retiring immediately after Grey's Anatomy. Tomorrow will be better. I just know it!


Joyce said...

I love your journaling. I'm learning more than you could possibly remember to tell me in a phone call. What a treasure! Love, Joyce

Karen said...

I love reading your blog! Keep it up.