Saturday, April 28, 2007

Friday and Saturday Update

Yesterday we had the privilege of eating breakfast at school with Haley who was Terrific Kid for April. Her teacher nominated her because "she is a very thoughtful and courteous young lady" who is "always very polite" and "quick to help" and "works with a cheerful servant's heart." Way to go Haley!

Last night we took the family to see the Charlotte Knights play baseball. It was the first time the boys had ever attended a ball game. Of course I am not sure that the game actually ended up being what they will remember since they paid little attention to it. They were more interested in Homer the Mascot and the food vendors who kept coming by. Harrison enjoyed the screaming contest even though he could not possibly have had room for the free pizza they were giving away. As the people around us were pulling their fingers out of their ears, they all agreed he should have won.

Today was a work around the yard day for the boys (dad included). Holden was such a good helper mowing the grass and helping David plant some flowers. He was so cute telling David how to plant the flowers. Of course, he really does have a green thumb. I recall the year he planted seeds from our pumpkin out back and they really did grow. I do not have that same green thumb. Of course it would probably help if I watered them every once in awhile. Maybe that should be a job for Holden.