Monday, April 23, 2007

My first Ever Blog

Well today I officially became a blogger. Never thought that would happen. Or actually I never thought that I would have anything to say that anyone would want to see (well actually maybe I still don't but I would like to think I do). After reading hundreds of other people's blogs, I finally decided that a blog would be a good way to share my family and my hobby with others. So I am entering the world of blogging.

Today not much got done around here. Holden was home sick with what we thought was an ear infection. Well turns out it was just bad sinus pressure. Thankfully! Last time we had a double ear infection four nurses had to hold him down to give him a shot. Talk about humiliation. They asked me to leave the room and as I am standing in the hall listening to Holden scream "I want my Mommy", I look down and Harrison looks at me and shrugs. Well, that made me laugh. I can always count on him to lighten the mood.

Speaking of Harrison. Tonight he said the blessing and thanked God for our food and his family and for the entire world. I told him that was a really nice blessing and he replied without even batting an eye "That's why I chosed it!"

Please come back and take a look at my blog. I will be sharing some of my scrapbook pages and cards throughout the week.

I will end my first official blog posting with a quote that I like from the little green man himself, Kermit the Frog:

"When you're trying to stay creative, too many rules can drive you loopy. Improvise. Let loose! Because, after all, you can't amaze the world until you first surprise yourself."


Scrappinjones said...

Becky, welcome to the world of Blogging...Now I will tell you, it is hard to keep up. I have one and realised that the last time I posted was in AUGUST!!! HELLO...That is not blogging, that is BOGGED DOWN!!! It is great to see your kids...I have known you for a few years and have never seen those little darlings...what a handsome family...

I will always remember the laughter from the first time I met you. You are a true gem and I treasure knowing you...


Debbi said...

Becky,I am really enjoying reading about your wonderful family and the different escapades that occur daily--BUT have to admit to anyone reading this comment, I am your sister in-law and can definately see Holden and Harrison saying and doing exactly what you write and say they do--they are unbelievable and I love them so much. Please keep blogging, it keeps me in touch with "my" 2nd family that I miss so much---kisses and hugs- "Aunt" Debbi