Saturday, January 10, 2009

Krispy Kreme

Well it looks like just a week into the new year, I have already failed at one of my resolutions having not posted anything in over a week. But life has been hectic here with the kids getting back into school and me starting a new job. Things seem to be settling down and we are getting back into the routine.

Today is my birthday and I turned 39 (again). Last week when my husband asked me where I wanted to go and eat for my birthday I immediately said Jestine's Kitchen. I have always wanted to try the place because I have heard rave reviews and every time we drive by there is a line to eat. I thought they served brunch but this morning I got up and checked online and it turns out that they only serve lunch and dinner. Since we had already missed breakfast we just decided to head down there for an early lunch. We got the kids in the car and headed downtown around 10:15 and when we drove past the place in search of a parking space, I noticed a sign hung on the door. It said they were closed from January 5th to 12th. Just my luck. So not knowing where else to go, we headed on over to one of my kids favorite places, IHOP. Although it was by no means Jestine's famous fare, it was cooked by someone else so that was okay in my book. I will just try to catch Jestine's when they reopen.

When we left IHOP, we drove by the Krispy Kreme and of course it is against the rules to not stop. So even though our stomachs were bulging and there was no possible way we could eat anything else, we stopped.

When we went in, they were making jelly filled doughnuts. It was very interesting to see the dough dropped into the vat of grease, fried up and then run through the glaze machine. Afterwards they were run through a "dryer" and then reached the jelly filling station where two women were filling each one with either raspberry jelly or lemon creme.
Oh how I wish I there had been room in my stomach for one of those hot off the rack raspberry jelly filled doughnuts. Since there was not we did the next best thing and got a dozen to go. Okay so there goes the second resolution to eat healthier (but it is my birthday).

When we were getting ready to leave, I suggested we take our picture in front of the store. Haley was utterly embarrassed which made it all the more fun. Can't you tell she is happy?


Kit said...

Sorry you missed Jestine's. You will have to go back when they're open. Delish! We had a tradition for years of having our New Year's lunch there. Haven't done it in about 2 years and I miss it.
Happy Birthday (again).