Saturday, January 3, 2009

Crazy Dog

When we moved into our house a year and a half ago, we were excited because the previous owners had a small part of the yard fenced off for their dogs. We were glad that we would be able to leave our dog, Sullivan in this area and not have to worry about him messing up the entire yard. Well, a few weeks after we moved, we noticed that we would put Sullivan in the small yard and come inside only to find that he would be sitting on our screened porch outside of the small fenced yard. We figured out pretty quickly that he was actually climbing the fence. Not jumping, climbing. He would put his hind legs on the lower rails and hoist himself up and over the fence. Sullivan is not a large dog so it took him some maneuvering to figure out that he could get himself over the fence. Well, there was no need to have the fence we we took it down and now he has the full run of the yard.

But, apparently like some children, some dogs are just climbers. Sullivan happens to be one of them. In our yard, we have a wooden swing set with a slide. Today, the kids were playing with Sullivan and hoisting him up the steps so they could throw the ball and watch him slide down. It only took a couple of times and Sullivan figured out how to climb up on his own. Here's the dog in action:

Up he goes

He is almost to the top

And getting ready to slide

And after climbing up and down the slide for quite sometime, he was exhausted and found a quite place to rest. Notice he isn't giving up his ball yet.


KTluv said...

What a beautiful dog and so smart! lol