Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Would I lie to you?

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Now do you think that an adorable face like this could possibly lie to his mother? Well, the answer is yes he could.

Today as I was perusing the aisles of Wal-mart in search of some elusive size D batteries or even an el cheapo flashlight (we are under hurricane alert here), my phone rang. Not recognizing the number, I was a bit hesitant to answer, but I did only to hear Harrison's teacher on the other end. Of course her first statement was that Harrison was fine, which was a relief. But I knew she wasn't calling just to say hello.

She started explaining that Harrison and some other boys were at their table and she thought that Harrison probably had just gotten caught up in what the other boys were doing. As she was saying this, I started thinking, "Okay, he's just had an accident. No problem I sent a change of clothes in his bookbag for that very reason." But, that wasn't what she was saying at all. Turns out Harrison and the other boys at his table decided to stab their pencil boxes with pencils repeatedly until they cracked.

She said she was surprised because Harrison is usually so sweet and they hadn't seen that side of him. She thought he just got caught up in what the other boys were doing. As punishment, he missed 5 minutes of recess. She also asked for $.50 to replace the pencil box.

So when Harrison got off the bus today we talked about his day and I gave him a number of opportunities to confess. Finally when I pulled out his folder and showed him the yellow dot that indicates poor behavior, he confessed. When I asked him why he would do something like that, he just shrugged his shoulders and said "It was fun". So now he's being honest.

As punishment, Harrison is having to pay for the pencil box and write his teacher a note apologizing for his poor behavior.

Before school started we joked that we would get a call from the school that first week. Well, it wasn't the first week, it was the second. Maybe I should forewarn the teacher that Harrison has a streak of wild child a mile wide. But really, I think she might figure that out herself. And why label the child so early on.