Thursday, September 25, 2008

Really wicked

We always try to engage our children in conversation during dinner time. It's about the only time of the day when we have their undivided attention. Last night there was a lull in conversation and I asked the children if they had thought about what they wanted to be for Halloween.

Apparently Harrison had been doing some thinking about it because he immediately blurted out that he wanted to be a "wicked witch". Not your standard everyday garden variety witch, no, he wanted to be a WICKED one.
I really try to encourage my children to always be unique. However, I was thinking to myself (and trying not to laugh) this is not going to happen because all the other kids would laugh at him. I envisioned him looking something like this on Halloween.

After I had a full night to think about it, I decided that if indeed he wanted to be a witch, then I would find out what a male witch looked like. I did what any mother would do and went straight to Google.

There was lots of information at my fingertips regarding the subject of male witches, more than I cared to know. But what really surprised me was the fact that I am apparently not the only one with this "boy witch" issue. In my Google search, I came up with a lot of links to others who had asked the same questions "How do I make a witch costume for my son?", "My son insists that he wants to be a witch for Halloween, what do I do?". So I know I don't walk alone.

Oddly enough I never did come across a costume for a "boy wicked witch" other than the Harry Potter type wizards which was not what Harrison had in mind. So I thought that perhaps the best thing to do was to ask Harrison exactly what he had in mind for his costume.

Mom: "Harrison, what exactly were you thinking you would wear as a wicked witch on Halloween?"

Harrison: "A black cape, a creepy, black pointy hat and a broom."

Mom: "Okay"

Harrison: "Oh and a green painted face."

Mom: (Thinking to herself this sounds eerily familiar)

Harrison: "Uh, mom?"

Mom: "Yes son?"

Harrison: "I changed my mind, I think I want to be Frankenstein."

Mom: (breathing a huge sigh of relief) "Frankenstein is good."


Kim Eckhardt said...

Haha. I was thinking to myself that by the time you fretted, worried and researched about how to make a witch costume, he would change his mind. LOL.

And, Shane said that he wants to be a girl. I would prefer to hear that he wants to be a witch. meh. Of course, sometimes they are one in the same. LOL

Kristie said...

That is too funny! I wonder if he'll change his mind again before Halloween?