Monday, September 22, 2008

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Harrison had a birthday party on Saturday. It was at the movie theater and when we got there I asked Harrison if he saw the little boy. He said he no he didn't so we stood outside and waited. After a few minutes, Holden (who was tagging along) must have been getting a little anxious so he asked Harrison if he was sure he would remember what the little boy looked like. Harrison looked at Holden and said "Yes. He has black hair and blond skin like mine."


Heather Leigh said...

Hey Becky! Just checking in with ya! My daughter, who's biracial, used to tell me that she had brown skin and that I had blond skin. She had no concept of black and white until she went to kindergarten/1st grade when the mean nasty older kids on the bus in our 99.9% white community teased her for being black and having an afro. She didn't even know what that stuff meant, much less why she was getting teased for it. Ahhh, kids.