Saturday, August 30, 2008

What a mess

When I start creating stuff, I try hard to pick up as I go along. My scrapbook room isn't very big so every little thing that is out of place makes it seem cluttered.

Yesterday, I was making a gift (which I will post tomorrow)for my grandmother and I had out all of the things for my project. I decided what it really needed was a brad (for those of you non-crafter types, it's like a small colored nail). So I pulled out the box of brads, each color occupying it's own space, and found the perfect one.

Unfortunately, I did not close the top to the box and when I moved something on my desk, the whole box flew into the air and all of the brads fell onto the floor.

This mess took me hours to clean up because each piece had to be picked up and put back into the correct compartment. I am thankful that my children found this to be a fun job because they helped me, at least until they lost interest. I am glad that all the brads are sorted out again. Next time, I will close the lid between uses because this is certainly not how I like to spend the better part of an evening.


Kim Eckhardt said...

Oh man. What a mess. I think I would have just given up and thrown everything in the same compartment. But, I'm lazy like that. ;)

Sandy said...

well at least it is a colorful picture :) (hehe you know I couldn't resist, lol)