Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Credit card please

One of Harrison's birthday gifts was a Sonic card. For those of you who are not lucky enough to have one near you, Sonic is a fast food drive-in place reminiscent of the 50's style places with roller-blading waiters. As far as fast food restaurants go, it is a pretty decent place. The kids love to there and get slushes and when it's happy hour (between 2-4 everyday) they are half price.

So yesterday when Harrison opened the Sonic card, he was thrilled that he could get slushes "anytime" he wanted. By about 8 last night he had asked about 20 times if we would take him to get some tater tots. I was beginning to think that the card might have been a curse.

Today we met David for lunch and at the restaurant they had a video golf game. Harrison is enamored with games whether he can actually play them or not. It's all about pushing buttons, I think.

Harrison called me over and showed me that the machine had a credit card slot then ever so slyly asked me if I thought it would take a Sonic card. Turns out he hadn't given up the idea of spending his Sonic card after all because he had it tucked in his pocket. I guess he figured if he wasn't getting tater tots or a slush then he might just get a video game out of it.


Heather Leigh said...

HA! My 7 year old son got a Dairy Queen gift card for his birthday and thought WOW! Now I can get ice cream WHENEVER I WANT! Yeah, too bad it only had $7 on it.