Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Things I have learned

There are two things I have learned as a parent. The first is that if you hear a loud bang followed by fits of giggles, something has happened that you probably don't want to know about. And Second, if you ask the kids to help you clean, it usually means more work for you.

This morning I told the kids that before we could go do anything, their bathroom had to be cleaned and the trash cans emptied. After I reminded him what needed to be done, Holden grabbed the cleaning stuff and headed up the stairs to clean the bathroom.

From the laundry room I heard a loud noise, like something tumbling down the stairs, followed by laughing and an "Oh my goodness". The whole time I am thinking I really don't want to see this. And I was right. From halfway up the stairs Holden had dropped the can of Comet. The opened can of Comet. The almost full opened can of Comet.

Let me just tell you that Comet is like flour, it gets everywhere when dropped and is hard to sweep up. After I vacuumed the worst of it, I had to use rags to wipe off all the excess. Twenty minutes later, I had clean walls and stairs.

I figure had I just cleaned the bathroom myself, it would have taken me about the same amount of time. And it would be cleaned like I wanted it cleaned.