Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh is it hot......

We braved the heat this morning and headed over to Charles Towne Landing, the historic landmark where English settlers landed in 1670. I hadn't visited the park since they did a huge renovation in 2006 and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. I do have to say though that today was perhaps not the best day to go as it was a blistering 95 degrees in the shade.

The visitor's center was the coolest place on the grounds. It had a nice exhibit detailing the settlement of the English colony as well as a virtual archaeological dig. The kids could "Dig" up artifacts with their hands.

It took us two hours to walk through the park and I feel certain we didn't see half of the place. We did get to see the replica of the 17th century ship that brought the settlers to America (still under construction), a garden and house built to represent the way that the early settlers lived, the indentured servants quarters and a set of stocks (which seemed to be the highlight of our visit).

(Can I leave him here?)

They also had a nice animal habitat although the animals seemed as hot as we were and kept to themselves in the shadiest part of the pen so we could barely see the Puma or Black Bear.

The grounds were immaculate and there were plenty of shady spots, like this beautiful angel oak tree.
After leaving there we had planned on eating a picnic lunch on The Battery downtown but since we were all so hot, we munched on sandwiches in the air conditioned car on our way over to the waterfront park to play in the fountains. Even I didn't mind getting splashed a bit after standing outside in the heat for all that time.

The fountains are really just huge jets of water that spray out from columns that circle around a huge center jet. So when I saw this sign, I had a nice laugh. Really, who would have thought?