Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We interrupt the previously scheduled blog....

Today was a hot, sunny day with temperatures in the mid-90's. The kids went swimming this afternoon. But tonight, shortly after supper, the sky turned black and the wind picked up and hail started falling. Of course, the kids were all freaked out and truth be told, I was as well.

We turned the television on to hear the weatherman tell that there was a tornado warning in effect and that people in our immediate area should seek shelter. Fortunately, there were no tornado's and only about fifteen minutes of hail.

The weatherman is calling for more storms on the horizon but I hope that these will be much milder than the one that just went through. Here are a couple of pictures shortly after the hail stopped.


Kim Eckhardt said...

That's insane. I'm glad that y'all picked your strawberries already! :)