Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm no hottie

Harrison informed me the other day that he had a girlfriend. Mentally I went through the short list of possible girls. Picking the most obvious, I asked if it was Bethany (the only little girl in his class). He said it wasn't Bethany, that it was someone in our family. Of course I figured he was talking about me, but when I asked him if it was me, he replied "No, it is someone hotter than you." I don't know whether to be offended that he doesn't think I am hot or upset that he even knows what hot is.

By the way, his "girlfriend" is none other than his 6 year old cousin Taylor who he met for the first time at Christmas. Poor child probably doesn't even know she is someone's girlfriend, let alone her cousin's.


Kim Eckhardt said...

First of all, you are hotter than a 6 year old. LOL.

And, tell him that he is southern but not that southern. LOL.

Queen of her Castle said...

Rofl! Yes, that is a conversation we will need to have in a few years if he still wants to have his cousin as his girlfriend

Heather Leigh said...

Hey Lady! Haven't read your blog in a while so I'm catching up on some old posts! This was too funny not to comment on. My sister and our cousin David had crushes on each other for the longest time, but we figured it was OK because SHE was adopted and HE was adopted so there wouldn't have been any inbreeding going on. Fortunately, with him living in Arkansas and us in Michigan the crush dwindled!