Monday, May 12, 2008

Saying goodbye is never easy?

We had a death in the family this weekend. You remember a couple of months ago, I wrote in my blog about the two Betta fish we adopted, Smokey and David. Well, Smokey left us this weekend to live in that great big ocean in the sky.

Saturday morning as Haley and I were preparing to leave for her field trip, I glanced over at the fish tank and noticed that the blue fish (Smokey) was laying very still on the bottom of the tank. As I got closer, I realized that he was upside down. Not a good sign. So I got him out with the net and asked Haley if she wanted to say some words before I sent him to his permanent home. Being so early, the most she could come up with was "You were a crazy fish. Goodbye." And then with one flush he was gone.

Later that morning after we picked Holden up from his sleepover, we broke the news that his fish had bitten the bullet. He was mildly upset but I told him that Haley had said some nice words at the funeral and then he seemed okay.

That afternoon, Harrison noticed that something was amiss and asked where Holden's fish was. I told him that it had died and he thought I was joking. I explained that I had found him dead that morning. He asked what I did with him and I told him that I had flushed him down the toilet. Again, he thought I as joking. When he realized that I was serious he looked at me and said "Well, that's why I saw him under the house." And then he went outside. But for the rest of the day, he told everyone that his brother's fish had died and gotten flushed down the toilet and it was under the house.


Kim Eckhardt said...

LOL. I think that Harrison should really meet Owen. Or, maybe they shouldn't on second thought. ;) That's funny stuff.