Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rare Black Squirrel Spotted

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready, I glanced out of the window and saw a squirrel perched on a stump in our back yard. As I looked closer I realized that it was a black squirrel. I have only seen one of those in my life and it was at my grandmother's house back when I was around 11. I remember being awed at the site of something so rare. So it was with this in mind that I shouted to my daughter who was downstairs to look quick at the back squirrel. Next I called Harrison to the window to see this unusal site.

David was in the room the whole time acting kind of nonchalantly about the whole thing. I kept saying "Look David, it's a black squirrel, isn't that neat?" "And look how still he's sitting." David kind of snickered at this and I was thinking he was making fun of me for being so excited about seeing a squirrel. So I called him to the window and said "See isn't that cool?" To which David replied "Yes and see how still he's sitting?" "I don't think he is going to move, EVER (with emphasis on the ever)." I looked at him blankly and he started laughing. Turns out that black squirrel wasn't really a squirrel. Just an ornamental concrete animal found somewhere in our back bed. So I guess the last laughs on me. But he does look real, at least from a distance. At least I think so.