Monday, January 28, 2008

Pinewood Derby

Friday night we got to the check-in for the Pinewood Derby and Holden's car weighed in over the maximum allotted weight. Guess that's what I get for buying a cheapo scale from Walmart. Anyhow, after some adjustments to the car, we got it reweighed and it came in right at 5 ounces. We got to test run the car several times before we checked it in for the night.

Saturday rolled around and it was the perfect morning to be indoors with cold and rainy weather forecast. The derby was a lot of fun. Well at least during the first hour. By the time the second hour rolled around most of the kids and adults were starting to get a little restless. Two and a half hours after the start, the final winners were announced. Holden missed being third for his troop by a split second and unfortunately did not get a trophy. Although he was disappointed, I think he had fun. Next year, David has vowed to take first place and is starting the car much sooner. Sometimes, I wonder who's race it is supposed to be.

Here are a few pictures of the Derby.

Picture 1: Holden waiting patiently

Picture 2: Holden's car is the red and black one

Picture 3: Haley and Harrison watching the race