Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So last week was one of those really crazy weeks where I did alot and yet nothing got accomplished. Ever had one of those? Actually I did get some things done. My freezer is now filled to near capacity from all the freezer meals I prepared. Now hopefully I can remember what I have in there without taking half of it out.

This weekend we went to downtown Charleston to the Southeastern Wildlife Expo. We did have a good time just not $45 worth. The lines were long and since we didn't even get there until midday we didn't see very much. The kids did enjoy watching the dock dogs and now Holden has decided that he is going to train Sullivan, our Boykin Spaniel to retrieve so he can enter him in the contest. The whole idea is that you bring your dog up on this dock and make him sit at one end while you walk to the opposite end and throw the retriever in the water. You then tell your dog to get it and he runs and jumps into the water. The dog who jumps the farthest wins. While we were there, one dog jumped 23 feet. Can you even imagine? The funniest thing though was when a woman was trying to get her dog to jump and she accidently backed off the dock and fell into the water. Can you say embarrassing?

Sunday evening my parents came up to visit since the kids were out of school on Monday. It was a dreary morning on Monday so we took the kids to the Aquarium. The highlight of the trip was seeing this giant sea turtle in the large ocean tank. We walked up to the glass and he was sleeping right next to it. The boys were down on their knees staring at it wondering if it was alive. When it moved, they both got excited and Harrison blurted out "I've been waiting my whole life for this".

Here are some pictures I took over the weekend.