Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh man it's been awhile

Well once again it has been awhile since I posted. But really it's no wonder with all the things going on this month. I mean everyone knows it's Black History Month, right? As a volunteer at my son's school, I was asked to come up with 6-8 questions for the kids to answer on black history. He came home today with the first question and I so wanted to give him the answer but refrained. I figure the best way to learn is to do. But I digress.

Anyhow as if there aren't enough things in our daily lives, the marketing people from numerous organizations figure that they need some equal press and have all jockeyed for their own day/month of awareness. Let me say that there are a lot of worthwhile causes out there, many of which I like to support. I do however, think it's gotten a bit crazy. Just take a look at a little of what February has to offer in the way of "awareness".

American Heart Month
Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month (never knew such a thing existed so I guess it worked because I am now aware)
National Time Management Month (I guess if this were working for me I wouldn't feel so frazzled today)
Library Lovers Month (new here's one I can say I am a fan of)
National Weddings Month
Prenatal Infection Prevention Month
Dental Awareness Month

And February 1-7 was also Women's Heart Health Week and National Patient Recognition Week (now I know somebody out there got a card from their doctor).

Then we also have National Wear Red Day , National Girl and Women in Sports Day, National Give Kids a Smile Day (to coincide with Dental Awareness month), World Marriage Day and Organ Donor Day.

Add to all of the above, President's Day, Martin Luther Kings Birthday, Valentine's Day, and Groundhog Day. Whew, it's no wonder I can't get anything done for trying to keep track of it all. Okay so that's my excuse, what is yours?

For more information on these causes and more you can visit the Fundraisers website. Or just Google it.