Thursday, January 10, 2008

My birthday

Today has been a very good day. My kids all gave me special birthday hugs and kisses this morning before school. My husband, took me out to breakfast. Then he surprised me with a one hour massage at the local spa. It was heavenly. The only downside is now I really want to have one every week. :)

This evening, we had a nice dinner and then feasted on the yummy chocolate cake that David and the kids made me. Life is good.


Leah said...

Happy Official 40th Birthday,

I was trying to look up your phone number at 2:00am using the light from underneath my kitchen doorway but fell asleep (uh, passed out) and woke up five hours later with newsprint on my cheek. Some things never change I guess. Just really embarrassed I had to drive through car circle at school with black smudges on my cheek.....somehow it was much less humiliating in the Cafeteria at Winthrop!!!!!

I'm six months off....kickboxing with a friend tomorrow morning....staving off ageing, 40, wrinkles, sagging, gray hairs, cellulite.....Good God, the list just doesn't end. Thank the good Lord we're all united in our common cause...happy you've made your peace with it. Cute picture. xo Leah

Pauline said...

Happy Birthday@