Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An angel gone from Earth

Yesterday when I sat down to write my blog, nothing seemed important enough to write about. My heart was heavy with grief for my friend Donna whose grandson passed away just that morning.

Although I had never met her grandson, I felt the love that Donna had for him. When she talks about him you can tell how much she loves him. She felt that Christian was an angel who had been sent to earth to bring love and joy to those around him. And although he is no longer with her on Earth, their bond will never be broken because the love that they shared was real and will forever remain.

The death of a child makes us realize that our children are never really ours but only here on loan from God. They are a gift given to brighten our days, to bring us smiles when we feel there is nothing to smile about. They are here to teach us how to love and be loved. They teach us patience and kindness. They give us wisdom and courage. They are the reason why we live.

Yesterday, an angel entered into Heaven's gates and I feel sure that the choir of angels rejoiced. While those left here on Earth are saddened by the loss of this precious child, there is comfort in knowing that he is at home now in the arms of God.

I came across this story and I hope that it might bring comfort to those who might be grieving.

There was once a little angel in Heaven who decided to come down to Earth. In order to leave Heaven he had to give up his wings, full well knowing that being bound to Earth's physical laws would be a great weight and a challenge. Nevertheless he went, knowing he would touch many lives with love. He brought sunshine to his family and to many others. Earth life was a great challenge, and this little angel encountered difficulties along the way, as do all angels who come to Earth, but he soldiered on. He missed being able to fly above the complexities of life. But it was at night, in his sleep, that he once again donned his angel wings and soared above the earthly realm, reveling in the soft breezes only found above the clouds. One day this little angel was done with his time on Earth. He missed his wings, and his Heavenly Father missed him too. He called him Home again, meeting him at the door of Heaven with his cherished angel wings, which he donned immediately. Now this little angel dances in the skies above us. He blows us kisses and whispers to us that the sun is still shining above the clouds, and that the stars still faithfully twinkle even when they are blocked from our sight. He is light as a feather now, with no more weights and cares, surrounded only by the all-encompassing love of Heaven. Our hearts are with you, little angel. Thank you for braving the challenges of Earth to bring love to us, and thank you also for watching over us now. You will always be a reminder to us that our wings are also waiting, and someday we will soar together again, like we did once upon a time before our Earth lives. It's only a matter of time before we are all together again in the light of a heavenly new day. Then there will be no regrets, no tears, only love and happiness, hugs, and heavenly music, times of fellowship and joy, and the spending of all eternity, together once again.


Pauline said...

Becky, OH MY ... i have to say that i haven't cried this hard since the passing of tim's son in May! Your letter at the bottom was forwarded to the family, thank you for sharing!

Heather Leigh said...

I second your blog...

Donna said...

Thank you so much, your words touched my heart.
Life will be just a tad bit less sweet knowing I won't be able to hold him in my arms anymore but my heart will be light because I will always hold him in there.