Friday, October 19, 2007

What is the black stuff in your hair?

Sometimes you just really have to wonder what goes through a child's mind. Tonight, David and I were downstairs staining the desk in my scrapbook room when Holden comes running down the stairs at top speed laughing. That should have been a warning that something had happened. Holden is the slightly devilish instigator while his brother is the willing cohort. Harrison is usually the one that gets caught all the while Holden is standing in the background smiling smugly or giggling.

So back to tonight. Holden runs into the room with Harrison trailing not far behind. When I look up much to my horror I see this huge mass of black clumped in Harrison's hair. My first thought is gum. But then gum isn't black. Finally it dawns on me that he has mashed slime in his hair. Slime that came in a barrel and is supposed to look like oil. The slime that was his sister's prize for selling some stuff for school. Black slime in blond hair. Not good.

While trying not to completely lose it, I asked why he had decided to put it in his hair. His first response was that Holden "threw it" in his hair. Apparently he decided by looking at my face that telling the truth might be a better alternative. So it came out that he wanted to have a mohawk. Why he chose to put slime in his hair to obtain one is far beyond adult comprehension. Apparently in the mind of a child, when you add something slimy to your hair it can do amazing things.

Unfortunately Harrison did not think about how this mohawk making slime was going to come out of his hair. So as he was sitting in the bathtub, tears streaming down his face, while I combed the slime out of his hair, he turned to me and said "I don't think this was such a good idea". You think?