Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I haven't been writing in my blog lately. Not because I don't want to but because I have been very busy. This past Friday, we closed on our house in Charlotte. Thankfully we no longer have two mortgage payments. It was a very stressful time for us because of many reasons, including the fact that our realtor was horrible (and that is being nice), but at last it is over.

When we bought our house in Charleston, our intention was to finish the third floor for a scrapbook room and office for David. Since we are already into October, we have decided to go ahead and finish doing all of our other projects first and start on the addition next spring. This means that I am having to rework some of our current space. The bonus room was serving as the scrapbook room/office/playroom. We have a nice room off of the kitchen that I had set-up for the kids to use as a study/arts and crafts room. I have now kicked them out and am redoing it to use as a temporary scrapbook room.

I always have such grand ideas and thankfully I have a husband who can and will help me with my projects. We hung the wall cabinets last weekend. I also bought two birch doors which he cut down for the desktops. The desk is L-shaped and will have three stations. I can use them now for my computer, my sewing machine and a stamp/scrapbook space. When I am finished with the space it will provide a work area for each of my children.

We ran into a small glitch when the table legs I wanted to use (repurposed from a table I had) were too short in relation to the base cabinet. So we ordered some new table legs from Osborne Wood Products in Georgia on Monday afternoon. And I got them delivered today. Talk about awesome customer service! And the legs are exactly what I wanted. Since the room is right off of the kitchen, my vision was to have the room look like it had built in furniture rather than a hodgepodge of desks and cabinets. David is building shelves with beadboard paneling behind it to go in between the wall shelves. And I am going to hang some free hanging shelves above the side desk. The desktop will be stained and the cabinets will be painted willow white and then I will apply a glaze to give it that aged look. I hope that we get this project finished soon because right now the entire contents of the study room are in my family room. I can't bring them up to the playroom until I move out the scrapbook stuff. Hopefully we can get it done this weekend in between popcorn sales for Cub Scouts and a birthday party for my niece and nephew.

On another note, I went and talked to the owner of our local scrapbook store about teaching some classes. I figured that would be a good way to make a little extra cash, get a discount on my scrapbook stuff and meet some people. Anyhow, I had to come up with some ideas for November and December classes. I presented those to her today and she loved my ideas. So over the next week I have to make the actual projects from the sketches I came up with so she will have something to display in her store. This is really exciting for me and I am looking forward to teaching others.

So soon I will have a scrapbook space of my own so that I can work on some new projects. Even thought the room is small and it will be a tight squeeze for all my stuff, I am looking forward to having it downstairs near the hub of family activity. Maybe I can even sneak in a layout or two between homework and dinner.