Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Don't you just hate it when your kids are right?

We have an awesome backyard. It isn't very large but it has some beautiful hydrangeas, lots of ivy and plenty of shade from the huge oak trees. There is a horseshoe pit and a nice swing to sit on (when the mosquitoes aren't swarming you). I haven't been outside much because 1) it has been too hot until recently and 2) the last time I was out there, I almost stepped on a snake (which David swears was a lizard but as I told him "Lizards skitter, snakes slither and this was definitely a slither").

The previous owners of our house had two large golden retrievers so they built a fence around a small area near the back of the house off of the garage and filled it with mulch. I didn't think we would need to utilize this area because 1) Sullivan is treated like a human 2) He thinks he is human and 3) He stays indoors more than he stays outdoors. Well, he use to stay indoors a lot more until he decided to chew up the blinds on the windows by the door. He was being left in the big yard until 1) he started pooping in the grass and 2) he started digging holes the size of a small car. So now when Sullivan goes outdoors he is confined to the small yard. Since it is filled with mulch, when he digs a hole, we just fill it back in. Cleaning up is easier because you can actually see it and the kids don't have to worry about stepping in anything they might not want on their shoe. Which when they do leads to a lot of screaming and dancing around as if they stepped into a pit of coals. And it always entails me having to clean up the mess.

Being confined to the "dog" area isn't such a bad deal because even though he can't get on the screened porch like he could when he was in the big yard, he does have access to the garage though the dog door. Only, there is a small problem. We don't leave the dog door open because 1) unwanted creatures might visit us 2) Sullivan might chew up something in the garage that would hurt him and 3) when we opened the garage door he would take off down the street at full speed.

Okay where was I going with this story. Oh yes. Tuesday night after dinner, we took the family to the Kohl's Grand Opening. David was in need of some work clothes, I needed some shirts and Haley just wanted to look for some fall clothes. As we got ready to leave, David took the dog outside. Holden (who is supposed to be the dog's owner but the dog is confused and thinks I own it) told his father adamantly that he should leave Sullivan indoors because it might rain. David stated adamantly that the dog would be fine, it wasn't going to rain.

Apparently Holden knew something that his father did not because as we were leaving Kohl's it began to rain and rain and rain. As we were turning into our neighborhood and driving through puddles the size of Lake Michigan, David realized that he had left Sullivan outdoors with no way to get out of the rain.

When we opened the door to let Sullivan into the garage, we were greeted by a soaking wet dog who was very happy to see us. Now, I am not pointing fingers but being that it wasn't my fault the dog got wet, I went on inside to get the kids ready for bed and left the dirty work to David. So instead of leaving Sullivan in the garage to dry, David got brilliant idea to dry the dog's hair with the hair dryer. Sullivan was not amused by this but he didn't have much choice since David had the death grip on his collar. Now I am sure that David did not find this as amusing as I did but he was a good sport and let me take his picture.

All I can say is you've gotta hate it when the kids are right.