Monday, October 8, 2007

Tonight I came across a new website called If you are ever in the market to buy anything handmade (and even if you aren't) you should check this site out.

You will come across things that are absurd like the doggy poop bag? They come in a variety of colors. You cold have one to match every outfit you own! Who would have thought there would be a need for that when a grocery bag would do the trick?

Oh and while you are walking your dog toting that doggy poop bag, your fine canine friend would look sporty in his bandanna. If blue isn't your dog's favorite color, then you are in luck because you can choose from a variety of colors as well.

Or maybe you like monkey's and have always wished you had a "cheeky" monkey to pin to your bag, lapel, anything else that you can think of? They've got that too. (Isn't he cute? Kind of reminds me of my own little monkey Harrison).

Or if monkey's aren't your thing and you are more into fruit, then maybe you'd like some cherries. Crocheted cherries that is. They come in a variety of colors. And sell for only $2.50 for 5. What a bargain. Just don't try to eat them.

But maybe you don't like all that handcrafted stuff. Then you are in luck because you can buy food too! There is a variety of homemade delicacies to choose from. On tonight's menu is homemade pomegranate jelly for all those late night cravings. And look how cute the packaging is.

But seriously, you should check out this website. There are some really cool things on there. It is now at the top of my favorites list. Watch out wallet.


Heather Leigh said...

OOOOoooo, those cherries would be so cute on a scrapbook page!! Especially if you went to the annual Cherry Festival in Traverse City (which we didn't do this year, but someday we might...if my husband can get past the whole forced family fun thing)