Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Nut Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

I will have to be the first to admit that my mind never stops working. For years it drove David nuts but I think he has finally gotten use to the fact that I can and will be thinking of ten things at any one time. Especially at night when I am laying in bed. There's just something about being in the dark and quiet that lets my mind think of all those things I couldn't think of during the day.

I will be just about to doze off and something will pop into my head that I just need to ask David about. So I will shake him (lightly of course) and ask him that ever so important question like "Did you remember to turn off the sprinklers because you know its been raining" or "What do you think about painting the family room red".

I have thought about keeping a notebook beside my bed so that I can write down all those things that run through my mind, but somehow that just seems like more work than it's worth. So I just take the easy way and ask while it's on my mind. Which I am sure sometimes really annoys David. Especially when he is already asleep.

Tonight, we put the kids to bed and were sitting in the bonus room watching some television when we heard this little voice from the other end of the house calling "mom". The boys had been in bed for about 45 minutes so I figured it was probably Harrison wanting something to drink because he was coughing. David went to check on him and came back shaking his head. I asked what was wrong and he said that Harrison just wanted to make sure someone had picked up the sandwich he left outside in the garage.

See, the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.