Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Holden

Yesterday Holden turned 8. It is hard to believe that he is growing up so fast. I remember his birth like it was yesterday. I will actually probably remember his birth until my dying day. It was a very hard labor. Nine and a half hours of agony. And then afterwards, having my left arm briefly paralyzed and enduring an epidural headache. But, when I saw his sweet face, I almost forgot about what I had just been through. And life was good those first few days. He was a sweet little guy. Then we took him home. And the crying began. And it did not end for almost 5 months. The pediatrician kept telling me that it would end. But during that time I was beginning to question whether it ever would. But, it did pass and he has grown up to be the sweetest, most tender-hearted child. He will warm you with his dimpled grin. And his belly laugh is like the sound of music to our ears. He will surprise you in your weakest moment by making you feel so very loved. He is indeed a special guy.

Holden decided that he wanted to get an Ipod for his birthday so he did not have a big party. I waited until the beginning of the week to go and get his Ipod not realizing that Apple had just released a new version and most stores did not yet have them. So on Monday night, I did the next best thing and ordered it from Apple paying the extra shipping to have it in 2-3 business days. I checked the shipping information on Thursday and found that it was going to be delivered on Monday - too late for his birthday party. So I explained it to him and he was okay with it. But then surprisingly my doorbell rang at 9:30 Friday morning and the Fed Ex man dropped off the Ipod. It was a good thing he was already back to the van by the time I got there or otherwise I might have hugged him. So when Holden opened his presents last night, he was absolutely ecstatic that he had his Ipod.

His grandparents came up for dinner. Holden chose his favorite thing to eat, Chicken Alfredo. We opened presents and in addition ot his Ipod, Holden got a docking station (from grandma and grandpa) and some money from his great grandmother. Plus his brother bought him a new Webkinz (that looks just like his real dog, Sullivan) and his sister got him the butterfly habitat he had been wanting. Afterwards, we had cake (made by grandma of course) and ice cream. Only Holden was too full from dinner to eat any. When we lit the candles, Holden closed his eyes as if making a wish. But afterwards, when his dad asked him what he wished for, he said "Nothing, I have everything I want." It makes me feel good to hear that.

This evening, we took the family and Holden's buddy Porter to a fun park. They rode go karts, jumped in the jump castles, climbed the rock wall and played in the arcade. Afterwards we went out for pizza (the picture is of Holden and Porter each listening to the Ipod with one earphone). Then they came home and played dart tag, which Porter gave to Holden for his birthday. It was a very fun but tiring night. Makes me glad that their birthdays only come once a year.