Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Car pool?

I recently found out that one of Harrison's classmates also lives in our neighborhood. I have been talking to his mother about carpooling so that we don't spend our entire days on the road taxing children here, there and everywhere. So today when I was taking Harrison to school, he started asking questions about the carpooling situation. Here's our conversation:

Harrison: Mom, when am I going to start carpooling with that boy (not sure he knows the boys name is Rob)

Mom: Maybe tomorrow.

Harrison: I don't think I will be able to do that.

Mom: Why?

Harrison: (seriously) Because we need to get a pool pass first.

Mom: (trying not to laugh) You don't need a pool pass to carpool. You just need for mommies to say it's okay.

Harrison: Oh.

A few seconds of silence

Harrison: Well, will I need to bring my life jacket?

Mom: For what?

Harrison: To carpool

I am not sure what he had envisioned in his little mind but I am certain it didn't involve riding together to school. Apparently he had somehow figured he would be going to the pool. Poor kid, what a let down it's going to be.