Monday, September 24, 2007

A bee did it

Harrison, David and I went to lunch today. When we had finished eating, David and I were sitting there talking about our third floor addition. After crawling over us and under the table for awhile, Harrison got bored and asked if he could go outside for a few minutes to touch the small bird bath fountain. Since the door was about three feet away and the fountain was just outside the door, I told him to go ahead. When he got outside, he waved to me and went over to the fountain and stuck his fingers in. A few minutes later he came inside and showed me a hole in his shirt. I asked him how that happened and he said "A bumble bee did it". When I asked him how the bumblebee could make a hole in his shirt, he said "With it's stinger thing of course." So as we left the restaurant, I was on the lookout for those shirt tearing bumblebees. Lucky for us they seemed to have flown away.